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Writing for Ministry: An Article About Zig Ziglar

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Zig Ziglar Full First PageWhen I worked for Prestonwood Baptist Church, one of the largest churches in America, I had the privilege of writing an article about Zig Ziglar. The article dealt with how Zig handled his daughter’s death and how he turned to God for strength. I had the opportunity to interview Zig, which was both an honor and quite humbling. The man certainly had an amazing way about him! I have a copy of the article available for download on my website. You can find it here.

I loved writing this story, and I still enjoy writing articles about people’s journeys of faith. If you have a church or ministry that needs a ghostwriter or marketing help, please contact me. I’d love to lend a hand.

I hope this article blesses you as much as it blessed me to write it!