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Remove Personal Information Before Sending a Word Document

Just a little “FYI” before you email that paper to your professor or send a resume to a potential new employer… Inspect your Word document to make sure it doesn’t have any personal information. Just to be safe, I like to remove the “author” information and the “last modified” version. Do you really want your professor to see that you last modified your paper 5 minutes before turning it in? Or do you want your potential employer to see the “author” of your resume is your parents, because they own the software?

In Microsoft 2010, it’s easy to change. Just click on “File,” and you’ll see a page that includes Related Dates and Related People. Click on “Check for Issues” next to “Inspect Document” right before you send it. You’ll get a dropdown menu with “Inspect Document” as an option. From there, you can check for and remove whatever items you want, such as “Comments, Revisions, and Annotations” or “Document Properties and Personal Information.”